Sale Overview:

Asset Name: TON Money

Asset Code: TON

Blockchain Protocol: Stellar Based Asset

Asset Type: Currency (= Not a Security Token)

Regulation: Unsold tokens will be added to the Reserve

Private Sale Amount/Price: 40m @ $1

Private Sale Holder Bonus: 55m @ $1

Main Sale Amount: Subject to market conditions

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TON Tokenomics

white tick TON$ are repurchased every month through
collecting 1% annual fees from the Tontines

white tick Tontines will bridge payouts of 10%-15%
of assets annually in TON$ raising liquidity

white tick Tontines will invest 1% of total Assets
Under Management in TON$

white tick Distribution Partners must buy & stake
TON$ to qualify for a distribution licence

white tick TON Money holders earn extra rewards by
maintaining larger TON balances in the App


Exchanges & Wallets

Exchanges / Trading Platforms

The venues below already support trading in TON$





Expected Exchange Venues

Exchanges that are expected to support trading in TON$

WorldWire by IBM



Existing Wallets

Wallets that do, or can, support holding of TON$

Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet)




Expected Wallets

Here we will list Wallets that are expected to soon support holding of TON$

TON Money App

Sale FAQ’s

We advise buyers to wait to hold their TON Money in the TON Money Wallet which is currently under development. Alternatively, users can elect to hold their TON$ in any Stellar Wallet which has enabled trustlines for TON$ once we enable withdrawals from the Sale Platform. See the Exchanges section of our site for further details on Wallets.
The issuing entity for TON Money is Tontine Trustless Technologies Limited ("TontineTrust") which is limited company based in the British Virgin Islands. Upon completion of the Main Sale, ownership of TontineTrust and Tontine Solutions (Gibraltar) Limited will pass to a not-for-profit foundation (most likely in Singapore) which will include the founder & the advisors in the board of trustees.
Following a long crypto-winter on the markets, the team is considering when and how to proceed with the main sale. This is likely to proceed only after market sentiment improves substantially.
We have a comprehensive Knowledge Base where you can find answers to questions at

We also have a comprehensive blog including lots of research articles at


step 1

Sign Up at the Sale Page

Click here to access the Sale Platform.

step 2

Register an Account

& please enable Two Factor Authentication for greater security

step 3

Commit to the Token Sale

Confirm your purchase & wallet address (if known) to receive your TONs

step 4

Fund your Account

Fund your Account using the instructions provided for the contribution currency you have selected


Upload your KYC Documents

If applicable, provide standard KYC and/or ensure you have completed the SAFT if a US citizen.


Receive your TON

Once the Main Sale is closed, TONs will be delivered to your wallet or held for you as requested


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